Pictures from Carers Week Birmingham 2004 Day 5
Pictures from Carers Week Birmingham 2004 Day 4
Pictures from Carers Week Birmingham 2004 Day 3
Pictures from Carers Week Birmingham 2004 Day 2
Pictures from the Carers Week Birmingham 2004 Launch Event
Other pictures from day 1 of Carers Week Birmingham
Diary of Events in a webpage
Diary of Events in pdf
Blank poster in pdf
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Having been provided with a copy and given permission to place it on this site a copy of the 2011 grant application form is now available for download from the 2011 page click the link above to go to the 2011 page.


Sadly Carers Week Birmingham is no more

This site now merely acts as an example of what was and what could have been if things are done without anyone caring who gets the credit.

If you wonder what is in store from the national coalition look at what they have done to public services in Birmingham and look at the waste of money and devistation they have rought.

Thursday, 07-Oct-2010 16:44:08 CEST


Carers Week 2004 is NOW On!


Have you got any pictures or stories from Carers Week Birmingham 2004?

If so we would be interested in them.

Please email the webmaster @ carersweek.info

The diary of events for Carers Week Birmingham 2004 has been published and is included on the site in PDF format. Right click on the image to download the diary of events in PDF 199 kb file size or call the office for a hard copy.

A version in an HTML page is available HERE. This includes any changes too the published document and you can use it too check if an event has been change or if any events have been added.

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This is a downloadable poster for use in advertising
Carers Week Birmingham events. Hard copies of this poster can be obtained by calling or emailing the office. To download in PDF click on the image (right click on image and select save target as) the poster is 648 kb in file size

Carers Week 2004 is organised by the Carers Week Consortium: The Members are Birmingham Carers Association - Birmingham Social Services - South Birmingham PCT - Heart of Birmingham PCT - Eastern Birmingham PCT - Birmingham Carers Support Services

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